Thursday, August 7, 2008

not yet satisfied

we have to post again. one...not enough.

this is us. we'll describe each other.

a: megan is the best country-bumpkin friend one could ever have. she's pretty. she's smart. and has faith in all our crazy antics. what more can i ask for besides an eastern european model? nothing. cuz i have a megan /sexfox/masseuse/clown/musician/micro-stripper/monkey/radio host/ugly/baby voiced person. megan IS all of the above.

m: andrew is the bestest buddy anyone could find. in his spare time, he likes to sleep in the middle of the day and massage people's ears with his feet. when he's not doing that, he's busy either wowing crowds with his piano skillz or with our critically acclaimed rendition of "Soda Shop." he also wears incredibly attractive tortoise shell glasses. they're a defining factor in our friendship.

together we're mandrew. mandrew is a sexy son 'o bitch.

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